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Flavours of Romagna at the restaurant of the Hotel Buda

Meals of the Hotel Buda side of Igea Marina, are dishes of Romagna cuisine with typical flavors and unmistakable. Every day, for both lunch and dinner are offered a choice of three menus of both first and seconds, in which there is always the possibility of fish. A very rich buffet of starters and vegetables are served first, and to accompany every meal. All guests are sure to find the Hotel Buda a menu that is always rich and varied proposals of the chef and a care in the impiattamento and details.

Vegetarian, intolerant, and children

The kitchen of the Hotel Buda is also very attentive to the guests intolerant to those who do not eat meat and prefer vegetables, eggs, cheese or fish. Guests intolerant to some food, they can alert you before arrival to the Hotel in the direction, so as to prepare them in the kitchen and the dining room on arrival.
The restaurant of the Hotel Buda is located on the first floor and is fit to accommodate even the little ones with highchairs, opening hours entrance in the room is customized for younger guests, and tasty menus for those who want to eat healthy without neglecting the beauty of the dish.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

The day starts in the best at the Hotel Buda, breakfast is varied and fresh. A rich buffet of sweet and salty, for those who love to start the day with a cappuccino or those who prefer it with cheese and eggs, is available to all guests. Croissants, biscuits, homemade cakes, cold cuts, cheese, eggs, hot drinks, cold drinks and yogurt, are just some of the proposals of the morning at the Hotel Buda. Breakfast is served from 7-10am, lunch from 12.30 to 13.00, while the sena from 19.30 to 20.00.

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