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In the lovely and modern city of Bellaria Igea Marina the Hotel is located in Buda. The Hotel is located close to the sea of Bellaria Igea Marina and is a 3-star hotel in a central position, both with respect to the beach, just 40 meters away, both with regard to the center of the city, located in the pedestrian island.

Here the environment is familiar, it feels like home thanks to the hospitality characteristic that distinguishes the Romagna, and, more in general, and the Hotel Buda in particular. The kitchen is the strong point of the Hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina, where you can enjoy exquisite dishes of local romagna tradition, without forgetting the needs of the youngest guests.

Who wants to be pampered, spend a pleasant vacation to the insignia of relax a few steps from the beautiful beaches that characterize the Riviera, has just come to the Hotel Buda side, close to the sea of Bellaria Igea Marina.

Beach entertainment, pets allowed

The Hotel Buda has a special agreement with the beach, 72 of Igea Marina. The beach suitable for families with games and activities for children and toddlers is ideal for those four-legged friends to take on holiday, because the dogs here are allowed.


The cuisine of romagna and
theme nights

One of the strengths of the Hotel Buda is without a doubt the romagna cuisine, a cuisine that combines the dishes of the tradition to the inspiration of the chef. Every day there are three menu choice of first and second, the fish is always included and homemade pastries.


Proof of the Baby!

From the restaurant to the rooms, from the beach up to the activities outside the Hotel, the children always have an eye on the Hotel Buda Bellaria-Igea Marina. Menu suitable for smaller children, the parks offer special bikes with child-seats, cots, cribs, and much more.


Close to the sea and the Historic Centre

The Hotel Buda is located just 40 metres from the beach and directly in thepedestrian area in the centre of Bellaria. The location of the Hotel is prime for those who want to enjoy a holiday of sea and sun, for those who want to combine beaches to walk after dinner or doing some shopping downtown.

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Near the sea
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